Our Honey

Haughton Honey's raw English wildflower honey comes from the meadows, gardens, trees and farmland across the countryside and has traces of dandelion, hawthorn, chestnut, lime, blackberry, clover, rosebay willowherb and other assorted flowers.

Our raw honey comes straight from the hive, is cold extracted and never pasteurised which means that it retains all of the natural enzymes and proteins that make our honey so special. And of course, every jar is different depending upon where the bees and apiaries are located, what time of year it is and what types of flowers the bees are collecting their nectar and pollen from.

It's Spring and Summer in a jar!

We supply a natural, pure and wholesome alternative to sweets and sweet things with no nasties in it and our honey is only filtered to 200 microns, which means that it still contains all of that wonderful pollen (you can often see it as little specs if you hold a jar up to the light).

Every jar of Haughton Honey is inspected before it leaves Haughton Honey HQ.

Some little good points

  • Cold extracted and coarse filtered, which means all nature's goodness is kept intact.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • A diverse taste...as our bees love to explore all sorts of flowers.
  • It's raw honey as it comes straight out of the hive and in to the jar.


Emma, August 2018, Durham
You do one thing and you do it very well...IT'S GORGEOUS!...I'll be back for more :)
Louis, June 2018, Cambridge
It was scrumdidlyumptious on my breakfast cereal this morning!
Rachael, December 2017, Oswestry
I bought some Haughton Honey from Bolesworth Castle yesterday and just had some on toast - simply divine!! Thank you!