APRIL SALE - Our English Heather Honey's On Offer

04 April 2018

Haughton Honey Heather Honey 340g

Known as the ‘Champagne’ of honeys with a distinctive floral aroma and an intense flavour savoured by many, our new raw Heather honey comes from the great English heather moorlands across the country.

Heather honey is ‘thixotropic’, meaning that it’s consistency is like a gel until stirred and so has to be pressed out of the frames rather than spun out like our English Wildflower honey.

Until the end of April our Heather honey is discounted to £5.50 per individual jar (down from £6.95) or £20.00 for a four pack (down from £21.95)!

Head to the Haughton Honey online shop above to find out more.

(Online purchases only. Not applicable to Honey Club subscriptions).

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